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From the armed forces to the civilian workforce: Tips to attract, hire and retain veterans 

Did you know veterans face a higher unemployment rate than civilians, especially in Pennsylvania? Just last year the state had the second highest unemployment rate of veterans in the country. 

For PHV, our 2020 public service nonprofit partner, this data is simply unacceptable. 

PRSA Pittsburgh’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee invited PHV to appear in a special Screen to Screen episode on Facebook Live, “Why You Should Be Hiring Veterans.” The event aimed to highlight inclusive hiring practices for veterans and the unique qualities they bring to the workforce. 

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Creating meaningful youth mentorship ― it’s at the heart of MCG Youth & Arts

“I’m great, now that I’m here,” That was the response given to Claira Heitzenrater, an MCG Youth & Arts Teaching Artist, after she asked one of her students how they were feeling.

For many students in and around the Pittsburgh region, MCG Youth & Arts (MCGYA) is more than just an after-school arts education program, it’s a peaceful escape, a sanctuary of hope.

MCGYA is designed to open the creative potential of youth through mentorship and art enrichment activities. According to Manchester Bidwell Corporation’s 2018-2019 Annual Report, 96% of their seniors pursued higher education and 100% of them graduated on time. This goes to show that learning the arts at MCGYA connects students with a world of ideas and aspirations for life, higher education and careers.

“This is a place where growth happens. We help students to see the world in a completely different lens than what they’re used to seeing,” says Heitzenrater.

Read more on Manchester Bidwell Corporation’s website.

Faculty spotlight: Bidwell Training Center Culinary Arts Program Director Chef Anthony Taglieri

Anthony Taglieri was introduced to home cooking at an early age. Coming from humble beginnings, he remembers watching his grandma magically whip up gourmet dishes for him and his two siblings.

As a teenager, Anthony worked as a dishwasher. There he observed the work of the chefs around him and became in awe of the professional aspect of the culinary industry.

Driven by his ambitious spirt and desire to make a mark in the industry, Anthony traveled the world, diversifying his palette and skill set. Now, as the Culinary Arts Program Director for Bidwell Training Center, Chef Anthony shares his personal experiences with his students, inspires them to unlock their creativity and embark on their own culinary journeys.

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Bidwell Training Center is bridging the digital divide, one Chromebook at a time

Today, owning a computer and having access to the internet is a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us indoors, causing us to become dependent on technology to communicate, to work and to receive an education.

Our adult career training affiliate Bidwell Training Center (BTC) shut their doors on Friday, March 13 for the health and safety of their students and faculty. What was expected to be a two-week closure ended up lasting 12 weeks.

The pandemic highlighted inequity among BTC’s student populations. With 70% of their students at or below the low-income threshold, as defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, many students did not have access to or could not afford technology in order to receive instruction or to communicate with their instructors.

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Faculty spotlight: Bidwell Training Center Chef Instructor Keith Butler

We all know the famous phrase, “Not all superheroes wear capes,” and it’s true – because there’s a hero in our organization who wears a chef hat.

Many unsung heroes have emerged during the COVID -19 crisis. From leaders of nonprofit organizations and religious institutions to sanitation workers and teachers – thousands of community helpers have jumped into action to give back to their fellow neighbors.

Keith Butler, Bidwell Training Center Chef Instructor, is one of those unsung heroes.

Read more on Manchester Bidwell Corporation’s website.

New Diversity & Inclusion Chairs discuss visibility and impact that diverse voices can bring to Pittsburgh’s public relations industry

This blog post was compiled by Stacey Federoff, Web Content Manager for PRSA Pittsburgh.

“To ensure our chapter makes these efforts a priority long-term, we’re proud to announce the appointments of Taylor Fife and Megha Pai as our Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chairs. Both also serve as Social Media Co-Chairs on our board.

They both took the time to talk with PRSA Pittsburgh’s Communications Committee Chair Ashley Jones for our Screen To Screen series on Instagram Live. Here is a portion of that interview.”

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Are you an ‘Only’ in Pittsburgh? Good, let’s elevate our voices together

On the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, we commemorate the ending of slavery in the United States as of June 19, 1865. It is also a time to reflect on the work still needed to be done to address the lasting consequences of systemic racism.

Read more on my blog or PRSA Pittsburgh’s website.

How to adjust social media best practices during COVID-19

This blog post was written in partnership with my social media co-chair.

“Social media can feel like a blessing and a curse — especially these days, when we’re drowning in information (and misinformation). Brands on social media in the midst of this global pandemic should focus on helping people and building communities — this isn’t the time to be slinging around salesy promotions. Below are some social media best practices to keep in mind.”

Read more on PRSA Pittsburgh’s website.

Faith in the power of RLUIPA

Building Faith: Protecting Religious Freedom Through Land Use Laws was held June 17 on campus. Panelists and guests discussed how the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) affects local land use and zoning policies by carving out vital protections for faith communities.”

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Refugee writers continue to find sanctuary at City of Asylum

“Tuhin Das was put on a hit list in 2015. He became the target of a militant fundamentalist group that murders writers, activists, bloggers and publishers. Fearing for his life, Das escaped his home country of Bangladesh. 

A blogger and poet, Das found sanctuary at Pittsburgh’s City of Asylum, an organization on the North Side that provides residence to exiled and endangered writers.”

Read more on the Pittsburgh City Paper’s website.

Pa. secretary of education makes first visit to Manchester Bidwell Corporation

“In his first visit to Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC), Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera experienced first-hand how our organization combines many seemingly disparate elements – adult career training, youth arts education, jazz presentation and orchid and floral sales – into a dynamic whole with a proven record of positively changing lives.”

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“Lawyers on Location” shows students the flexibility of a law degree

“The truth is, not all lawyers end up at law firms. A lot of them choose a career path that many may not have thought of, such as the corporate life.”

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Law students create stark reminders for National Domestic Violence Month

“According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, nearly 20 people per minute experience intimate partner physical violence in the United States. This equates to more than 10 million abuse victims annually. In honor National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the law school’s Women’s Law Association is bringing attention to the frequency and severity of domestic violence by sharing the stories of women who have fallen victim to intimate partner physical abuse.”

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Digital Marketing & Copywriting

A sampling of digital marketing projects I created.

PR + Copywriting

I designed and wrote copy for Manchester Bidwell Corporation’s first-ever media kit.

Pittsburgh Hires Veterans Social Media Strategy & Best Practices Guide

As a part of PRSA Pittsburgh’s 2020 Public Service Committee, I created a social media strategy and best practices guide for Pittsburgh Hires Veterans (PHV). The guide aimed to help attract more veteran applicants to their program and more potential donors/business partners, while increasing public relations knowledge of PHV in the region and beyond.

PHV’s mission and duty is to provide one-on-one support to U.S. military veterans and current service members in search of education, training and employment opportunities.

Web Design/Layout Management + Copywriting

Manchester Bidwell Corporation 2020 Website Re-design

I wrote and edited all copy for Manchester Bidwell Corporation’s new website as well as its affiliate MCG Youth & Arts‘ new website.

MCG Invitational & Pittsburgh Public Schools All-City Arts Virtual Showcase

In lieu of a public ceremony, I spearheaded the creation of a virtual showcase. I designed, wrote and edited copy for all nine pages of the showcase using the WordPress CMS platform. The virtual gallery contains over 300 images and their accompanying artist statements as well as a virtual guest book for commenting. I am also responsible for creating the showcase’s promotional graphic (above) and promoting the showcase on social media.

Social Media Graphics

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